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About Us

We work better, together

Guernsey County Family and Children First Council (FCFC) helps to streamline and coordinate services for children and families by eliminating redundancy and bringing resources together for planning, monitoring, and improving outcomes.

Our mission is to increase the access, capacity, and effectiveness of services for the most vulnerable of our county's youth and their families whose needs extend beyond any one youth-serving program.

Any family with a child or youth (age birth through 21 years) in need of a coordinated inter-disciplinary plan to address their unique needs is eligible for service coordination through FCFC.  Referrals typically come through provider agencies, but any family has the right to self-refer for service coordination. 

Meeting dates are the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 1:15pm at the City Administration Building


Mandatory Members 

  • At least three youth or parents 

  • The directors of Board of alcohol, drug addiction, and mental health services

  • County department of job and family services

  • Public children services agency

  • The health commissioner 

  • County Head Start 

  • County’s early intervention collaborative. 

  • Local nonprofit entity serving children and families

  • The superintendent of the

       - county board of developmental disabilities

       - the largest school district

       - school superintendent representing all other  school districts

  • Largest municipal corporation 

  • President of the board of county commissioners

  • Department of youth services 


Additional Members 

Interested in becoming a voluntary member of the Guernsey County Family and Children First Council?

 Contact Bethany Galloway, FCFC Coordinator, at

740-439-4451 ext. 6847 or

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